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To Adopt Your Stepchild, Grandchild Or Any Child

The path to adoption is unique for every family. You may have set out to adopt to build a family — or you may have found yourself in a parenting role with a grandchild or stepchild.

Adoption makes sense so you can take care of your child as you want and need to, without complications such as getting permission from absentee parents to take your child on a trip or to the doctor, or enroll him or her in school. Adoption will solidify your identity as a family and provide your foster child, stepchild or grandchild with the security he or she badly needs.

Get Legal Advice On How To Complete An Adoption As Smoothly As Possible

You are no doubt eager to get the legal processes of adoption out of the way. You also want to ensure that the adoption can never be reversed. Whether your proposed adoption was planned or came about through life circumstances, I welcome the opportunity to advise and assist you.

I am Heather L. George Myers, a dedicated and knowledgeable family law attorney in Greenwood. I lend my experience and guidance to Indiana families in myriad legal situations, including stepparent adoptions and other private adoptions.

What Issues Stand In The Way Of The Adoption You Wish To Pursue?

Depending on the facts of your case, you may need my help to:

  • Terminate parental rights
  • Fulfill Indiana state requirements for adoption such as a home study
  • Navigate issues related to your son or daughter or another relative who is the child’s natural parent

Completing an adoption can be similar to solving a complex puzzle. I am prepared to help you discover and resolve any barriers to the adoption you are pursuing.

Many family law attorneys say they do adoptions, but do them infrequently. At Heather L. George Myers, Attorney at Law, clients have the reassurance that comes from my frequent skillful, successful handling of adoption cases. As an experienced child adoption attorney, I am ready to get your case moving forward with as few detours as possible.

Let Me Hear About Your Proposed Private Or Family Adoption

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer regarding the adoption you wish to pursue in Indiana, call 317-643-5496 or send an email inquiry. Request a consultation at your earliest convenience. It will be my privilege to help you move closer to this important step forward in your family.