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When A Custody Or Support Modification Becomes Necessary

A child custody, child support or spousal support order is never final as long as family life continues. After you have received a court order, your circumstances or those of the other parent may change substantially. I am divorce attorney Heather L. George Myers in Greenwood and I can help you prepare a petition — or contest a petition — for a court order modification.

Do Any Of These Scenarios Sound Like Your Family’s Situation?

I can advise you of your rights and options for pursuing or objecting to proposed modified custody or support order, as is appropriate to your circumstances such as:

  • Your children were not yet in school at the time of your divorce. Now that they are elementary school students, they often have school activities during the week that make the original custody and visitation order hard to follow.
  • Your children were in elementary school when you divorced and school life was fairly straightforward. Now they are in secondary school, with extracurricular activities making schedules more challenging. A teenager’s social life can become increasingly important. Some teens take part-time jobs, making weekly routines more complicated. A new custody and visitation schedule will make life less stressful for all.
  • You need to move to another city or state to care for your elderly parents, to take a new job or for other compelling reasons. Whether or not you are the primary custodial parent after a divorce, a child custody modification cannot be avoided. You want to protect your strong bonds with your children while acknowledging the other parent’s important role in their lives.
  • Your income or the other parent’s income has increased or decreased by at least 20 percent. A child support modification is necessary.

Every family and situation is unique. A personalized case analysis is imperative. Whatever complications or changes have come up in your family, a discussion with a family law attorney is the right place to start. Explore options for proposing or contesting a court order modification.

Request Advice And Assistance On Child Custody And Child Support Modifications

Call 317-643-5496 or complete the online intake form to schedule a consultation with me, Indiana lawyer Heather L. George Myers. Bring your questions about parental relocation, changing child support payments or other family law needs that may call for court order modifications.