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Wills: The Cornerstone Of Good Estate Planning

Estate planning is a collection of documents and legal instruments that can help you, among other things, pass on property, designate trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf and specify your wishes for end-of-life medical care. While an estate plan is far more than just a will, your will is a foundational aspect of your estate plan. Therefore, it should be written with the guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney.

My name is Heather George Myers, and I’ve been helping Greenwood clients plan their estates for more than a dozen years. I offer knowledgeable, convenient legal services designed to help you maximize the financial power of your estate while staying within your budget.

Creating A Thorough And Unambiguous Will

Legal documents should always be well-written and clear, but it is especially important for estate planning documents, as you won’t be around to answer questions or clear up confusion. Templated legal forms found on the internet may save money upfront, but they are likely to cause expensive problems later on. Your will should be customized to your specific estate and designed to suit your needs and goals.

I will work with you to inventory your estate, direct specific assets to specific heirs, ensure that the document fully complies with Indiana inheritance laws and minimize the chances that someone would be able to challenge legitimacy of the document.

In addition to passing estate assets to heirs, your will needs to include a named executor (someone you trust to oversee the process of settling the estate). The document may also include:

  • A named guardian for your children (if they are minors at the time you are writing your will)
  • Your instructions for burial or funeral plans
  • Instructions for charitable giving to organizations or causes of your choice

You have worked hard to earn the assets you now hold, and you should get to decide where they go after you no longer need them. Don’t let the state decide where your assets will go; contact me today for helping drafting a will that suits your needs and desires.

Estate Planning May Be Faster And Easier Than You Expect

If you are ready to get started writing your will and creating a more comprehensive estate plan, call my office in Greenwood at 317-643-5496 or fill out my online contact form to arrange an initial consultation. The process is often relatively quick and easy, and you’ll gain important peace of mind for years to come.